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A Committed Surgeon | Biography of Dr. Antonio Cueva

For the millions suffering from obesity in North America and beyond, finding an affordable solution can feel impossible. As medical costs continue to rise, a lifesaving procedure may remain out of financial reach for many. However, one Mexican surgeon has dedicated his career to changing this unfortunate reality for those struggling with their weight.

Operating at SER (CER) Bariatric Hospital in Tijuana, Dr. Antonio Cueva has treated patients from around the world seeking a new lease on health. As the costs of surgery skyrocket in other countries, his services have become invaluable for those otherwise left with few options. Through more than 18 years focused on bariatric surgery, Dr. Cueva has proven himself a master of his specialized field. But there is more to this compassionate physician than technical expertise alone.

Like so many under his care, Dr. Cueva himself underwent the challenges of bariatric surgery when he elected to have a gastric sleeve. Through this intensely personal journey, which resulted in 60 pounds lost, he gained an unparalleled empathy for his patients’ struggles. It is this dual understanding as both a skilled surgeon and fellow traveler on the road to wellness that has guided Dr. Cueva’s work for over a decade and a half. His caring manner, combined with a state-of-the-art operating theater, offers new hope to those once resigned to lifelong battles with obesity and related health issues.

Education and Background

Dr. Cueva, born in Mexico, received his medical training at reputable institutions, including the Autonomous University of Baja California, where he acquired a degree in general medicine. He also studied at Mexico’s National Autonomous University. With licenses #2563858 for general medical practice and #4255335 for general surgery, Dr. Cueva brought abundant education and credentials to hone his skills over 15 years. This included professorships that allowed him to introduce others to surgical practices and anatomy. When choosing a Tijuana bariatric surgeon, it’s clear Dr. Cueva doesn’t disappoint with his educational background from reputable schools and licenses validating his expertise in both general medicine and surgery, all of which set the stage for him to later focus intently on bariatrics

Work Experience

Throughout his career, Dr. Cueva has gained extensive experience through several prestigious positions:

2001-2004 Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Taught anatomy and introduced surgical practices.

2001-2004 Medical Director, CENTRO MEDICO FLORENCE S.A DE C.V.

Led private healthcare facility in Tijuana.

2002-2003 Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Training

Refined minimally invasive techniques.

2002-2003 Mentorship with Dr. Juan Antonio López Corvala

Learned from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Hospital expert.


Performs general surgical work at a government hospital.

2008-2010 Department of Surgery Coordinator

Managed surgical operations at ISSSTE hospital.

Jan 2009 – Dec 2009 Vice President, College of General Surgeons of Baja California

Provided leadership for the Tijuana Surgeons Association.

Through these prestigious roles, Dr. Cueva has continuously advanced his understanding of surgery and leadership skills and now brings tremendous expertise to patient care.

Surgical Excellence

Dr. Cueva has achieved excellence as a bariatric surgeon through his many years of experience. He maintains the highest professional standards across procedures such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, as reflected in his numerous certifications.

Board Certified from the General Surgery Council of México (2005)

Certifies expertise in general surgical procedures.

Member No. Recertified from the General Surgery Consul (2012)

Maintains certification through continued education.

Active member of the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, AC (2007-present

Certifies skills in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

In addition to top-level medical training, Dr. Cueva has enhanced his reputation through stringent certification processes. Through participation in respected surgical associations, he also stays up to date on innovations and best practices in both general procedures and specialized disciplines like bariatrics. Dr. Cueva’s certifications exemplify his dedication to surgical excellence and patient well-being.

Surgical Options

Dr. Antonio Cueva brings extensive expertise in performing several evidence-based weight loss surgery procedures. His specialist area includes sleeve gastrectomy, a technique that contributed to his successful weight management outcome. A sleeve gastrectomy involves resecting parts of the stomach laparoscopically to minimize gastric capacity. This allows for consuming fewer calories per meal while promoting a sense of fullness.

Dr. Cueva understands the sleeve gastrectomy process thoroughly from personal experience. He provides pre and postoperative guidance based on first-hand knowledge and years of delivering this surgery. The operation respectfully removes approximately 70% of the stomach through small abdominal incisions, producing a tubular shape comparable to a banana. In addition to portion control, this elicits early satiety, supporting dietary changes.
Typically, sleeve gastrectomy patients experience losses of around 50 pounds in the first postoperative year, lowering their BMI by approximately 10 points. The 2-hour procedure uses general anesthesia, and recovery involves 1-2 hospital days. Long-term data confirms sustainability through lifestyle commitment.

Dr. Cueva offers compassionate care from evaluation through recovery. His dedication empowers clients to pursue improved health via proven bariatric approaches.

Why Choose Dr. Antonio Cueva

Dr. Cueva’s distinguished career exemplifies why he should be any patient’s top choice for bariatric care. Beyond impeccable credentials and continuous learning, a few qualities set him apart:


For 18 years, Dr. Cueva has run his practice in Tijuana, delivering affordable solutions when others cannot. Countless lives were transformed through his efforts to broaden specialized care's reach, regardless of means.


Every journey varies, and Dr. Cueva tailors care to meet unique mind-body, nutritional, and lifestyle needs. One size rarely fits all, and he adeptly addresses diverse circumstances.


For over 15 years, Dr. Cueva has focused his practice solely on surgery that improves lives. He could pursue more lucrative fields yet remains steadfast in his commitment to helping patients achieve wellness.


From pre-op consults to follow-ups, even years later, Dr. Cueva makes himself accessible to address any questions that arise along the pathway to better health.


Dr. Cueva pursues advancements like no other. His recertification exemplifies dedication to continual education as medicine progresses. As bariatrics' frontiers expand, Dr. Cueva ensures he guides patients with the field's cutting edge.


Beyond technical skills, compassion fuels Dr. Cueva's drive to alleviate suffering. He empowers clients with individualized care, from evaluation to guidance, long after the procedure. No patient journey occurs alone under his steadfast support.

In Dr. Cueva, one gains not only a skilled surgeon but also a partner for the lifelong process of wellness. For unparalleled care, guidance, excellence, and compassion, he stands well above most.


If you’re searching for a compassionate and highly qualified bariatric surgeon beyond U.S. borders, Dr. Antonio Cueva from CER Hospital is the solution you’ve been looking for.
Dr. Cueva boasts over 18 years of experience and a long history of successful bariatric surgeries. His professional and compassionate approach makes him the ideal choice for individuals looking to embark on a weight loss journey.

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